What should I do now in relation to the NEW WHS legislation?

WorkCover NSW advises that if you comply with the current OHS laws in NSW then you are well on your way to meeting your requirements of the new laws.

The new laws will be different in some ways, but Margaret Lewis and WorkCover NSW are here to help you get ready.

Questions to ask yourself NOW!

  • Do I comply with the current NSW OHS Act, Regulation, Codes of Practice, Australian Standards and Guidelines?
  • Do I have my OHS Records Management System in place and is it current and reviewed regularly?
  • Do I need an OHS Audit to ensure that my Records Management System and processes comply with current legislation?
  • Are my employee training qualifications current?
  • Do my employees need extra training to comply with my employer obligations for provision of initial and ongoing training?
  • Are my employee competency skills levels up to date?

Margaret recommends that now is the time to make sure that you currently satisfy the existing NSW OHS Act and Regulations etc in order to make the move less difficult when the New National Work Health Safety harmonization is introduced in 2012.

Margaret recommends that you subscribe to the FREE WorkCover NSW New Legislation information site which can be viewed at

www.workcover.nsw.gov.au then go to Subscribe to the WorkCover New Legislation 2012 RSS Feed 

Contact me now for any assistance you may need with initial training, qualification re-certification, records management systems and or OHS auditing.

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