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Understand Safe Manual Handling Practices

Awareness course

3.5 hour course           $ 109 per person plus GST

Minimum course participants 5

There is NO USI number requirement for participants in this course

Course Background

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and the Work Health Safety Regulations, 2011, PCBU’s have an obligation to Manage Risks to Health and Safety of it’s workers – WHS Regulations, 2011, Part 4.2, 60, states:

Manage risks related to musculoskeletal disorders associated with hazardous manual tasks of workers. 60 (1) WHS Regulations, 2011

They must also determine control measures with regard to all relevant matters that may contribute to musculoskeletal disorders, including:

Postures, movements, forces, vibration related to tasks and the duration, frequency, work environment, design and layout of the workplace, the systems of work used and the nature, size, weight or numbers of persons, animals or things involved in carrying out hazardous manual tasks.  WHS Regulations, 2011 – 60 ( 2a, b, c, d, e, f, g )

Under Part 3.2 General Workplace Management, Div 1, 39 – Provision of information, training and instruction:

39, (2a, b, c) – The PCBU must ensure that information, training and instruction provided to a worker is suitable and has regard for the nature of the work being carried out, the nature of the risks associated with the work and control measures implemented.

Manual Handling Training

Manual handling training is designed to:

Prevent manual handling injuries through hazard and risk identification, risk assessment and primary control through job and task design, increase awareness and understanding of the complex nature of manual handling activities and teach safe manual handling techniques.

The Manual Handling course incorporates the new Code of Practice for Hazardous Manual Tasks.

Power point notes from the course will be provided to each participant.

Students who complete the course will be awarded: Certificate of AttendanceFollow Safe Manual Handling Practices

     Course Content

  • Introduction to Manual Handling – Manual Handling techniques and equipment, lift safely, manual handling injuries
  • Organisation procedures for risk minimization – Legislative requirements, identify hazards, risks and use control measures
  • Strategies for workplace organization – Duty of care, preventing injuries, effective communication
  •  Reporting & documentation, Return to work program


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