Government Agencies, Insurers, your existing and possible new Clients as well as your Company now have Legislated requirements for commitment to WHS. This can all drive the need and requirement for external audits to be conducted.


External auditors have the benefit of being independent, disassociated from day-to-day issues, personalities and politics of the workplace. They are highly qualified and experienced in all facets of WHS auditing in both needs analysis and Australian Standard requirements.


Audits are samples. The size of the sample determines the time involved in the audit process and can be customised to your requirements. Auditing is conducted through a combination of documentation, observation and interviews. There are two types of WHS Auditing processes.

If you don’t have an WHS Management System currently in place or you are unsure that your WHSMS meets Australian Standards, Legislative requirements and compliance then you can benefit from a needs analysis or gap audit. A needs analysis determines what is required to bring the organisation up to standard, Legislative requirements and compliance.

WHS Management System auditing provides verifiable proof of success or otherwise of an organisation’s Work Health & Safety Management System (WHSMS).

These audits assist senior management to review the success and therefore suitability of their current WHS policies and procedures.

Both types of Audits can be conducted against the Australian Standards 4804 & 4801 or other WHS criteria such as Workplace Safety Kit, Safety Map or WHS&R Management.

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