First Aid Kits and Consumables

Margaret is very pleased to be able to assist you with Accredited, Highly Qualified and Experienced Professionals such as Vital Pulse who are able to deliver products and services on your site at affordable prices.

Vital Pulse can be contacted at
PO Box 514, Alexandria NSW 1435 | ABN 29 251 775 484
P 02 8856 1421 | F 02 8580 5770 | M 0414 246 011 | E |

First Aid Kit Management Information:

First Aid Kit Management and Restocking Services

“Quality Australian Made First Aid Supplies Distributed Nation Wide”

When it comes to quality and service, our team at Vital Pulse strive to maintain these values by going above and beyond in their efforts when providing solutions to your workplace first aid needs. Our first aid and medical supplies are Australian made and distributed
throughout the nation.
Ranging from small to large organisations, we ensure that your kits are compliant under Work, Health and Safety legislation.

“Hassle-Free First Aid Kit Maintenance”

Vital Pulse manage and restock new or existing first aid kits within workplaces on an on-going schedule which is tailored to your business: this can range from monthly to quarterly visits. Our staff check the integrity of the kit and ensure all supplies are in date and replaced if they have been compromised. Waste is removed and kits are cleaned before a service card is
placed in each kit to acknowledge the service has been completed and is ready to be used at all times.

“Environmental Sustainability in Mind ”

At Vital Pulse we are 100% committed to reducing the impact of our environmental footprint. One of our sustainability objectives includes the waste reduction of expired and/or unused first aid supplies from our number of clients around Australia. We achieve this by putting these supplies back into the classroom to be used in our first aid training programs, reducing the
amount of waste by a significant percentage.

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