* Lewis Training Offers Group Onsite Low Voltage Rescue and CPR Training in Sydney, Wollongong and the Central Coast

Under the WHS requirements, most work sites are required to have a certain amount of workers who are trained and certified in Low Voltage Rescue or First aid and CPR. However, it can be challenging to get all of the training and certifications completed without disrupting rosters or schedules. That is why * Lewis Training , Margaret Lewis have experienced, accredited trainers specialising in providing WHS courses and First Aid training.

Accredited training tailored to consider your worksite specifics for group LVR CPR training in Sydney, Wollongong and the Central Coast is available for groups as small as five at a time, and we can provide training for your employees on your worksite on the days and times that work best for your schedule.

Accredited Group LVR CPR Training

*Lewis Training is accredited through partnership with Healthcorp RTO number 91222, to provide training in first aid, low voltage rescue (LVR) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and manual handling accredited course training.  * Lewis Training will always be tailored to fit your business and industry, giving your employees an edge. With onsite LVR CPR training, businesses will always receive training that gives their employees the ability to see exactly where and how they might one day need this training.

*Lewis Training is available to deliver training to your worksite, on days and times that suit you best as we know how difficult it is for many businesses to find training for smaller groups of employees on their site. * Lewis Training doesn’t believe that any company should have to choose between affordability, convenience and safety. That is why we choose to provide all three with one easy booking. * Lewis Training provides group, onsite courses for as few as five people. We also provide affordable per person rates and also have discounts for larger groups.

Identifying Threats to Safety in the Workplace

Through CPR and LVR training, your employees will learn not only how to deal with a medical emergency, accident or injury, but also how to identify threats to safety. An ounce of prevention will always be worth a pound of cure. By learning the different threats on the work site, your employees will learn how to interact with their workplace more safely, and how to identify threats to their safety, before they ever have to use their First Aid, CPR or LVR training. Following training your workers should have the training and confidence to handle an emergency situation, as well as the accreditation to meet Work Health and Safety Act regulations.

When you need training for your work site’s WHS requirements, you need to find training that will meet the requirement, and provide your employees with the confidence to handle an emergency, identify risk factors before they become hazardous, and will still be convenient and affordable. That is where group LVR and CPR training from * Lewis Training can help your worksite. For effective CPR and LVR safety training, call today.

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