* Lewis Training Provides Onsite Group Childcare First Aid Training in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast

When it comes to working with children, there are very specific concerns with safety to take into consideration. One of the key challenges to having a school or childcare centre is making sure that all of your staff are trained and ready to react in an emergency situation. That is why * Lewis Training  provides onsite group childcare first aid training in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast.

When it comes to first aid, any experienced caregiver knows that children are not simply smaller adults. With first aid and CPR, it is crucial that even the most minor differences between how to treat an infant or child and how to treat an adult are so ingrained into a caregiver that they know what to do in any situation that arises. A child could be injured badly or even killed by someone performing CPR or first aid incorrectly for the child’s age or size. That is why all of your childcare staff must be kept up to date and well trained on what to do when an emergency takes place.

Why Choose Onsite Group Childcare First Aid Training?

* Lewis Training is available for onsite group childcare first aid training in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast and other areas, for many reasons. The first of these is simply convenience. We know that the only thing more difficult than trying to find a day and time when all of your staff can meet for training is finding that time and trying to meet in a strange location. Additionally, by having the training at your location, child care workers can see and practice their training in the place they work every day. This can help to make the training more realistic for your staff, and give them more confidence should an actual emergency arise. Finally, training and practising in your location allows us to help your staff learn to watch out for hazards and risks and better prevent an emergency from happening. Often, an outside eye or a workers during training may identify a hazard no one noticed on a daily operation.

Training is Provided with Convenience and Affordability

No matter how big or small your staff may be, we can help you to schedule a convenient time and day for your onsite group childcare first aid training in Sydney, Newcastle and surrounding areas. We are available to come out for training for as few as five participants. We offer affordable per person rates, with discounts available for larger groups. We deliver this course to your location whenever it is most convenient for your schedule and help you to train and be ready for Work Health and Safety and Childrens Services requirements as well as any type of emergency that might come up.

* Lewis Training courses are always provided by qualified, accredited, registered and experienced trainers. We know that when you work in childcare, anything can happen. Safety is always going to be your top concern in any environment with children, and we know how important it is to you to be prepared for any situation.

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