Let * Lewis Training provide your next PRIVATE GROUP, onsite LVR CPR Training

We deliver training directly to businesses and companies, in Sydney, and surrounding areas

Call now – 0414 515577

Don’t waste time and resources sending your workers to public courses where the training organisation tells you what date and time they will be conducting a course.

Let * Lewis Training come directly to your workplace.

The great thing about booking with * Lewis Training for courses such as LVR CPR training in Sydney, and surrounding areas,  is you can schedule the training around your preferred training date and course start time. Our trainers will arrive at your work place, set up for training and take care of the rest.

As our courses are private, group, onsite delivered there is a minimum of five participants.

We offer LVR CPR training in Sydney,  and surrounding areas to businesses and companies that have employees who work on or near live low voltage electrical conductors, low voltage, panels, or low voltage equipment.

* Lewis Training is a fully qualified and accredited provider of CPR and LVR training and partners with Healthcorp ( registered training organisation no. 91222 ) to provide a variety of WHS and first aid training courses. With the passage of the Work Health and Safety Act in 2011, and Regulation 2017, businesses must stay compliant with the latest government regulations.

LVR CPR training in Sydney, and surrounds, from * Lewis Training combines low voltage rescue training and CPR training. Electricians who work on or near live low voltage must have the necessary training to safely rescue a worker who has come into contact with a live LV electrical conductor, panel or equipment. The course covers how to identify hazards, assess risk in a LVR situation, LVR procedures that include a 1 person drag, fire blanket use and treatment delivered to victims of live LV contact. The course also includes full CPR training.

If your workers already hold a current, unexpired CPR qualification then the LVR only course can be delivered by * Lewis Training

To learn more about what * Lewis Training offers, visit the  website, www.mlewisohs.com.au. You can fill out the online contact form for more information, or you can call directly at 0414 515 577 to schedule a course.

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