Get LVR CPR Training in Penrith, Parramatta and Campbelltown

Have you had an employee suffer an injury or illness at the job? What if all of your employees were trained in LVR CPR training in Penrith, Parramatta and Campbelltown? Imagine having the confidence that your staff would each know how to react appropriately if there was a workplace emergency. At * Lewis Training, we offer low voltage rescue and CPR group training courses for all your employees in one place – your place of business. Our courses teach the skills necessary for someone to rescue a person who comes into contact with low voltage equipment. The LVR CPR Training in Parramatta, Penrith and Campbelltown also teaches people the skills necessary to perform CPR. We train employees how to react in the case of a workplace emergency. Also, we will assist your recertification once per year, to stay within the Australian guidelines.

Nationally Recognised LVR and CPR Training in Campbelltown, Penrith, and Parramatta delivers Life Saving Skills

Our LVR and CPR classes are offered for groups so as to reduce your costs and save valuable time. This training will provide employees with a nationally recognised qualification for employees who are performing work on or near live and low voltage equipment. This also pertains to equipment, panels or conductors that have the potential to become live. The LVR and CPR training course in Penrith, Parramatta and Campbelltown is required by the Work Health and Safety Act, Regulation and Codes. These laws are related to dealing professionally with live electrical work and there is a mandatory recertification for this certificate every year.

Our course qualifications are nationally recognised; our courses are approved and recognised by the governing bodies of Australia and our trainers work in partnership with Healthcorp RTO number 91222. You can count on our excellent customer service, flexible scheduling and industry-tailored courses that keep your employees engaged. Also, since we come to your workplace, all your employees have to do is show up for work and they will end the day with a qualification in LVR and CPR training. Having a trainer that is RTO accredited ensures your employees will get the proper training needed to save a life.

Group Format Training offers LVR and CPR Training in Parramatta

The history of LVR and CPR training was founded using a protocol wherein training is typically offered for large groups and fees are charged accordingly. We are proud to bring about positive change and offer an affordable per person fee schedule as well as a discounted group rate. When you are looking for LVR and CPR training, we have you covered, no matter how many people need to be trained. Also, if you’re located in the Sydney, Wollongong, Moss Vale and Central Coast areas, we will travel to your site. Our small group format ensures each employee receives the personal attention that has become our trademark. Our knowledgeable trainers are experienced, friendly and accredited.

Having employees who are trained and qualified in LVR and CPR is not only a requirement under WHS legislation if an employee is working on Live Low Voltage, it is also good business practice. The number of workplace injuries decrease when you have conscientious employees who have the necessary training to react confidently to a real-life emergency situation. Whether you want to ask a question, make an inquiry or schedule a training course for your group, contact *Lewis Training now on 0414 515 577.

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