Further news on Work Health Safety legislation for 2012 

Some information below is directly extracted from WorkCover NSW website
Occupational Health and Safety in NSW is currently legislated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 and the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation 2001.
Variations to both the Act and Regulation have been made since this time but there are changes planned for the introduction in January, 2012, of proposed changes that will affect NSW and Australian Occupational Health and Safety laws.

This means that NSW will join all States and Territories and be legislated by the same Work, Health Safety requirements and obligations.
Margaret encourages everyone to be aware of the new changes that will affect them as business owners, employers and workers.
Below is useful information obtained from the WorkCover NSW website which I encourage you to read and understand to make the progression easier for you and your company.

WorkCover NSW is a wealth of information on Health and Safety and I highly recommend that you visit their website at: www.workcover.nsw.gov.au
or telephone them on 13 10 50

WorkCover NSW is also conducting FREE seminars throughout NSW on the proposed new WHS – Work Health Safety Legislation and you can register online if you wish to attend.

What will the new laws change?
The OHS legislation will change to national model laws which will consist of a NEW Work Health Safety model Act, NEW model regulations and NEW model codes of practice.
My suggestions are to view WorkCover NSW sub-sites such as:

  • The Model Work Health Safety ( WHS ) Act. This area sets out work health and safety obligations that must be complied with from 1 January 2012.
  • The Model Work Health Safety ( WHS ) Regulations. This area provides details on how certain sections of the model act are to be implemented.
  • The Model Regulations are currently under development and information will be posted in my news area when it becomes available.
  • The Model Codes of Practice related to the new WHS legislation is also a useful area of information related to practical guides for businesses and workers. It may assist you to better understand and achieve acceptable standards of work health and safety in your particular profession, trade or industry.

Please note that the model codes are currently under development.

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