Receive First Aid Recertification In Sydney, and Wollongong from * Lewis Training

Those working in positions where first aid and CPR training are necessary must also keep those skills up to date with first aid recertification in Sydney. * Lewis Training is the area’s premier provider of WHS and first aid training courses. The organisation is a fully qualified and accredited with a goal of providing businesses throughout the Sydney and Wollongong areas with affordable on-site group training.

First aid recertification from * Lewis Training is designed to provide participants with a refresher in first aid training, but also to cover any changes or updated skills required in performing basic and emergency first aid. Participants review the principles of first aid such as controlling bleeding, managing burns, bandaging victims, and more. There is also full CPR training included and training on the use of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

Employers can schedule the training date as well as the start times for their courses. * Lewis Training does the rest. Weekend training is available but does book very quickly. * Lewis Training’s flexibility allows employers to work training into their schedules. First aid recertification in Sydney and Wollongong, like other courses offered, requires a minimum of five participants. There are discounts available for larger groups. The training is one day and includes an E-workbook.

You can learn more about the courses offered by * Lewis Training by visiting the website, Fill out the online contact form for more information. You can also call Margaret Lewis directly on 0414 515 577 and schedule a training course.

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