Covid 19 – training update

Put the control for delivery of training back into your hands

Dealing with Covid 19 will be with us for a very long time

Don’t risk sending your workers to public courses where Covid 19 has a high risk of being transmitted to your workers.

During the current Greater Western Sydney area Covid 19 lockdown my recommendation is that you DO NOT send workers to any course training (Public or Private).

When the lockdown is over please be aware that Public courses can spread Covid 19, as they can and often do:

  • Cram as many students as possible into small rooms, sometimes with many courses being conducted at the same time and not following social distancing requirements. Currently 4 sqm
  • Provide a training area where hundreds of students a week have attended, spreading and leaving Covid 19 behind ( this virus can live up to 3 weeks on hard, flat surfaces)
  • Use outdated equipment that has not been sanitised correctly or not cleaned at all
  • Provide students with bandages and slings that have been reused over and over by hundreds of other students
  • Provide pens to students that have been used by hundreds of students previously

* Lewis Training provides private course, group ( minimum 5), onsite, nationally accredited training in CPR, First Aid, CPR/Low Voltage Rescue and Manual Handling directly to your workplace

This reduces the risk to your workers by:

  • Ensuring that your training area is clean and sanitised as you would have completed this as part of your regular cleaning processes
  • Knowing how many people have been in that training area before
  • Knowing that your workers will be made to comply with social distancing rules
  • Knowing that each of your workers will be provided with Nitrile gloves, a surgical face mask, a new pen ( all courses ), a new bandage and sling ( First Aid course ) when in training
  • Knowing the equipment used is modern and sanitised correctly
  • Knowing your workers, who usually work together, are not exposed to large numbers of workers from different workplaces as they would be when attending a Public course

Private group courses allow you to control the day, time and training location that you require. Public course training does not.

If you have large groups of workers requiring qualifications, then with a private course you can split your workers into smaller groups as * Lewis Training does not charge for training on a daily basis – only per person attending training.

* Lewis Training courses allow the time for your workers to ask questions relevant to their specific work situations and can provide one on one support if required.

Margaret Lewis from * Lewis Training has over 45 years experience in Pathology ( including working with bacteria and viruses ) and Emergency Medicine, as well as providing Work Health and Safety support to clients regarding Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment.

Call now on 0414 515577 to make your group course booking after the Sydney area lockdown has eased.

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