Hi Margaret,

Thanks again for yet another great course!  Thought I would pass on some of the feedback from our attendees for your reference, here are a couple of their responses:

“Margaret took the time to come and see exactly what we do and how we do it, made a big difference; as she knew what we needed the content met our exact needs rather than wasting time on things we don’t need.  Thanks Margaret!”

“I liked this training, other sessions were very long and boring but Margaret made it fun and connected it to what we do”

“Interactive and easy to follow, good course!”

“Margaret is a great presenter and I look forward to future training sessions with her.  Can she do some of the other core training as well?”

“I use the term ‘Margaret said…’ all the time now to remind us of what we need to do”

All of the attendees passed on their thanks for the training and were nothing but positive about the sessions – a huge achievement considering how much we had to cover and the generally dry nature of the topic.

I personally appreciate you making this work for us and delivering the course in such a short timeframe.  Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to having you back again soon.

Kind regards,

Cheree Craven

Accenture – Workplace Solutions – Sydney


“Margaret is an outstanding trainer who has the personality and skills to really engage participants. She was a huge asset to my team and she willingly shared her knowledge and experience to assist us in various administrative areas.

Margaret has a brilliant sense of humor and is an upbeat facilitator, adept at maintaining a friendly and enriching learning environment. I was very impressed with Margaret’s high level of energy and enthusiasm in her delivery of first aid courses and we always received excellent feedback from participants in Margaret’s classes.

Margaret is a genuinely caring, professional person who I feel really privileged to have worked with. ”

HR, Training and Risk Manager
IOH Sydney


“Our company has enjoyed a lot of training over the years delivered by Margaret Lewis. We mostly get training in the areas of First Aid, CPR, and Low Voltage Rescue.

Margaret provides great information and communication in the lead up to training day, then on the day, is always well organised and ready to go as soon as her trainees arrive. The training is fun, enjoyable and most importantly, down to earth and targeted to our staff.

It’s a formula for getting our workers engaged and learning all the course material they really need to know for their job. We are more than happy to recommend Margaret to other companies who need a great trainer.”

Thank You

Michael Woolsey
WHSEQ Manager


Our Civil Works Company has engaged Margaret Lewis to conduct training in First Aid and CPR for a number of years and most recently Margaret ran our Annual CPR refresher training.

Not only is Margaret part of an RTO, she is flexible on dates and locations which ensured there was no ‘down time’ for the business in order for our Workers to attend this very important training.

We are in the Civil Construction Industry and I have always found that Margaret relates well with all Workers and engages them through out the course.

Her own personal experiences in rendering First Aid and CPR not only make interesting and practicable examples during the course, they also demonstrate her commitment, passion and enthusiasm in what she is teaching.

I have no hesitation in recommending Margaret Lewis teaching First Aid and CPR to Students of any age in any line of business.

Jennie O’Shea.

HSEQ Manager

Bernipave Pty Ltd Asphalt, Concrete & Paving Restoration Specialists since 1959 

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